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Table 1 Description of IKT initiatives in included studies according to WIDER criteria [35]

From: Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) in health care: a scoping review

Study Content (program focus) Mode (IKT approaches/activities) Duration, frequency, timing Participants Personnel
El-Jardali 2014 [38] Evidence-based health policy-making Evidence briefs, deliberative dialogues, priority setting, training sessions, rapid response service, web portal NR Researchers, policy-makers, other stakeholders from many countries (NR by activity) NR
Eriksson 2014 [39] Health promotion Consultation, meetings, conferences, annual progress reports, joint research, steering group, coordinating committee, working groups Varied from monthly to annual meetings Politicians, public clinicians, agency representatives, researchers (NR by activity) NR
Khodyakov 2014 [40] Depression Meetings, working groups, training sessions, web portal Biweekly meetings, 4 months Researchers, clinicians, social workers, policy-makers, counselors, clergy (mean 20–25 by event) NR
Kothari 2014 [37] Women’s health Team meetings, priority setting, applying for research funding, joint research, web portal NR Researchers, partners, trainees from many countries (NR by activity) NR
Kislov 2014 [41] Applied health research on a range of topics NR Quarterly meetings, 3 years NR NR
Hoeijmakers 2013 [42] Public health knowledge sharing Meetings, training sessions, joint research, steering committee, board of governors, public relations NR NR NR
Martin 2013 [43] Prevention, early detection, self-care, rehabilitation NR NR NR NR
Murnaghan 2013 [44] Youth health, prevention of chronic disease Meetings, planning sessions, presentations; print, web, and media communications NR Policy-makers, health authority and agency representatives, researchers (NR per activity) NR
Rycroft-Malone 2013 [45] Applied health research on a range of topics NR NR Board, managers, health authorities, committees, researchers (NR per activity) NR
Soper 2013 [46] Applied health research on a range of topics NR NR NR NR
Van Olphen 2009 [47] Breast cancer Joint research, meetings, presentations NR NR NR
Patten 2006 [48] Priority setting practices Team meetings, joint planning NR Clinicians, managers, researchers (NR by activity) NR
Bowen 2005 [49] Health promotion Workshops Three 2-day yearly events, 5 years Health authority personnel, researchers (NR by activity) NR
  1. NR not reported