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Table 3 Characteristics of the innovation, recipients and context to be considered within the i-PARIHS framework

From: PARIHS revisited: from heuristic to integrated framework for the successful implementation of knowledge into practice

Innovation Recipients Context
Underlying knowledge sources
Degree of fit with existing practice and values (compatibility or contestability)
Relative advantage
Observable results
Values and beliefs
Skills and knowledge
Time, resources, support
Local opinion leaders
Collaboration and teamwork
Existing networks
Power and authority
Presence of boundaries
Local level:
 Formal and informal leadership support
 Past experience of innovation and change
 Mechanisms for embedding change
 Evaluation and feedback processes
 Learning environment
Organisational level:
 Organisational priorities
 Senior leadership and management support
 Structure and systems
 History of innovation and change
 Absorptive capacity
 Learning networks
External health system level:
 Policy drivers and priorities
 Incentives and mandates
 Regulatory frameworks
 Environmental (in)stability
 Inter-organisational networks and relationships