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Table 2 From PARIHS to i-PARIHS (adapted from [16])

From: PARIHS revisited: from heuristic to integrated framework for the successful implementation of knowledge into practice

‘Successful implementation’ in the original PARIHS framework ‘Successful implementation’ in the revised i-PARIHS framework
SI = ƒ(E,C,F)
SI = successful implementation
ƒ = function (of)
E = evidence
C = context
F = facilitation
SI = Facn(I + R + C)
SI = successful implementation
 Achievement of agreed implementation/project goals
 The uptake and embedding of the innovation in practice
 Individuals, teams and stakeholders are engaged, motivated and  ‘own’ the innovation
 Variation related to context is minimised across implementation  settings
Facn = facilitation
I = innovation
R = recipients (individual and collective)
C = context (inner and outer)