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Table 2 Strategies of the implementation programme

From: A tailored intervention to implement guideline recommendations for elderly patients with depression in primary care: a pragmatic cluster randomised trial

Strategy Content
1 Collaborative care plan. Resources for administrators and policy makers: development of the plan Help for healthcare administrators to develop a collaborative care plan in the community, presented on a designated website for the project.
2 Collaborative care plan. Resources for administrators and policy makers: content of the plan Suggested content to include in the collaborative care plan, with an option to adjust or tailor interventions to the community.
3 Resources for healthcare professionals Templates, manuals and pamphlets to be distributed to healthcare professionals in the municipality.
4 Resources for patients, their relatives and volunteers Pamphlets to be distributed to patients and their relatives.
5 Outreach visits to general practitioners Visits to general practitioners to provide information on the recommendations and determinants of practice and to discuss local considerations that might imply that the interventions should be adjusted or targeted to selected practices.
6 Web resources and data systems A comprehensive website that includes the recommendations and the underlying evidence, tools for diagnosis and treatment and all educational resources, available for healthcare professionals and inhabitants in the intervention municipalities.