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Table 1 Fourteen strategies to bridge the gap between science and policy used in the China-Canada survey 2012

From: Bridging the gap between science and policy: an international survey of scientists and policy makers in China and Canada

Code Short title Strategy
a Collaboration in study design Involvement of policy makers in the design and framing of research projects.
b Focus on policy Conduct of research that focuses on policy questions.
c Policy briefs Creative and good packaging of research findings for policy makers – policy briefs, synthesis and summaries, systematic reviews, etc.
d Web-based portals Web-based portal/inventory for access to evidence for policy making.
e Email updates Email updates of new research or summaries of current research to policy makers.
f Journal publications Publications in peer-reviewed journals.
g Conferences Conferences and meetings.
h Policy recommendations Development of explicit policy recommendations or summaries for research findings.
i Science-policy forums Forums for researchers and policy makers to present and hear about research findings and policy requirements.
j Joint research projects Partnerships between university scientists and government scientists in joint research projects.
k Personal contact Personal contact between scientists and policy makers.
l Knowledge brokers Utilization of third party knowledge brokers (information specialists or consultants) to go between scientists and policy makers.
m Collaboration in analysis Collaboration between scientists and policy makers in analysis, writing up, and/or dissemination of findings.
n Co-authorship Co-authorship of a research publication between scientists and policy makers.