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Table 1 The content of the reminders integrated into the PVC template in the EPR

From: Effects of computer reminders on complications of peripheral venous catheters and nurses’ adherence to a guideline in paediatric care—a cluster randomised study

Structure and content of the PVC template in the EPR (all units) Reminders based on recommendations from the CPG (intervention units)
Insertion datea yyyy-mm-dd Reminder! Disinfect your hands and forearms; use disposable gloves. Disinfect the insertion area thoroughly. Fixate the PVC well, making sure that the insertion site can be observed.
Reason for insertiona,b,c Intravenous therapy/preparation for surgery or examination/risk that the patient can deteriorate/no obvious reason/other reasons (free text) Reminder! Always use aseptic technique when managing the PVCs and the catheter system.
Insertion attemptsa,b,c 1/2/3/4/5/other numbers (free text)  
Sidea,b Right/left  
Sizea,b 26G (purple)/24G (yellow)/22G (blue)/20G (pink)/18G (green)/17G (white)/16G (grey) Reminder! Choose a short and thin PVC as possible.
Sitea,b Hand/wrist/forearm/bend of arm/groin/foot/ankle/scalp/lower part of the leg/other insertion sites (free text)  
Removal date yyyy-mm-dd Reminder! Document the reason for removal.
Removal causeb Completed treatment/occlusion/pain/suspicion of infection/thrombophlebitis/thrombosis/infiltration/other reasons for removal (free text)  
Inspection day,
No signs or symptoms of complications/erythema/swelling/heat/pain/pain at palpation/pus or liquid/other signs/symptoms (free text) Reminder! Remove the outer dressing, inspect the insertion site, and flush the PVC. Ask the patient for PVC-related pain and pain at palpation. Assess whether the PVC should remain in situ.
  1. aMandatory fields for recording
  2. bDrop-down options, with a free text option
  3. cThese options were introduced into the EPR system during the second data collection