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Table 2 Clinical performance measures to be used

From: Linking clinician interaction and coordination to clinical performance in Patient-Aligned Care Teams

Composite measure Component measures
Behavioral health screening 1. Vets screened annually for major depression dx
2. Screened positive for depression with timely SRE
3. PTSD screening using the PC-PTSD at required times
4. Vets screened for alcohol misuse with score GE 5 with timely brief counseling
5. Screened pos. at required intervals for PTSD with timely SRE
Diabetes mellitus 6. DM: outpatient—HbA1c annual
7. DM: HbA1c poor control (OP)
8. DM: BP LT 140/90 (OP)
9. DM: retinal exam, timely by disease (OP)
10. DM: renal testing (OP)
Ischemic heart 11. IHD LDL-C LT 100 or mod dose statin (OP)
12. HTN: Dx HTN and DM with BP less than 140/90 (OP)
13. HTN: Dx HTN and no DM with BP less than 150/90 (OP)
14. HTN: outpatient BP < 140/90 ages 18–59
Prevention 15. Obese patients screened and offered weight management
16. Pneumococcal immunizations (OP)
17. Influenza immunizations age GE 65 (OP)
18. Influenza immunization 18–64 (OP)
19. Breast cancer screening women 50–74 years (OP)
20. Cervical cancer screening women ages 21–29 years
21. Cervical cancer screening women ages 30–64
22. Colorectal cancer screening ages 50–75
Tobacco 23. Patients using tobacco offered meds (OP)
24. Patients using tobacco provided with counsel (OP)
25. Patients using tobacco offered referral (OP)