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Table 3 NIH-funded policy D&I research projects by individual project details, federal fiscal years 2007–2014 (N = 12)

From: A review of policy dissemination and implementation research funded by the National Institutes of Health, 2007–2014

Project number Title Objective Funding source Start date Country of focus
R01HL086450 An intervention for promoting smoke-free policy in rural Kentucky To test the effects of a community intervention on smoke-free policy outcomes in rural underserved communities NHLBI April 1, 2007 US
R01CA124404 Cancer control dissemination research among state-level policy makers To increase the dissemination of evidence-based interventions to control cancer, primarily focusing on the uptake of effective environmental and policy approaches among state-level policy makers NCI September 27, 2007 US
R01MH072961 Mixed methods study of EBP sustainment in a statewide service system To examine factors that either support or limit sustainment of an evidence-based child neglect intervention in a large statewide public service system NIMH September 22, 2005 US
R01CA160327 Disseminating evidence-based interventions to control cancer To increase the dissemination of EBPPs to control cancer, focusing on the uptake of effective approaches among state-level practitioners NCI/OD May 3, 2012 US
R01DA030431 To test a payer/treatment agency intervention to increase use of buprenorphine To test whether clinician training and the use of organizational change strategies are sufficient for disseminating an evidence-based practice (EBP), or if changes to both organizational systems and payer policy result in greater EBP use NIDA March 1, 2012 US
R03CA128644 Translating science into policy: a survey of state tobacco control plans To examine the structures and processes used by states to develop strategic plans to reduce tobacco use and prevent initiation NCI June 2, 2008 US
R21CA136435 Workplace health promotion To enhance the dissemination potential of a successful intervention, Workplace Solutions that was developed to disseminate a set of 15 evidence - based cancer prevention strategies to workplaces NCI July 16, 2009 US
R01MH104200 Value-based purchasing in implementation of depression care in community clinics To assess the role of value-based purchasing (VBP), a policy strategy, to enhance planned implementation of evidence-based care in CHCs NIMH August 1, 2014 US
R01CA175329 Implementing tobacco use treatment guidelines in community health centers in Vietnam To fill the current research-to-practice gap by conducting a randomized controlled trial that compares the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of two practical and highly replicable strategies for implementing evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of tobacco use in public health clinics in Vietnam NCI September 30, 2013 Vietnam
R21MH098124 Development and validation of implementation climate measures To develop measures of organizational climate, leadership, and provider behaviors likely to impact the implementation of evidence-based practices NIMH June 24, 2013 US
R21CA172938 A retail policy laboratory: modeling impact of retailer reduction on tobacco use To examine the interplay between retailer density reductions and patterns of tobacco purchasing NCI July 1, 2013 US
R21AI095979 Sustainable financial incentives to improve prescription practices for malaria To test an innovative, sustainable financial incentive designed to reduce the number of non-malarial fevers that are treated inappropriately with antimalarial drugs NIAID April 1, 2012 Kenya
  1. US United States, NIH National Institutes of Health, NCI National Cancer Institute, NIMH National Institute of Mental Health, NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse, NHLBI National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, OD NIH Office of the Director, NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, D&I dissemination and implementation