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Table 3 Domains of patient- and physician-oriented outcomes by data source

From: Protocol for the “Implementation, adoption, and utility of family history in diverse care settings” study

   Data source
  MeTree Patient surveys Provider survey Clinic staff survey (ORIC) Clinic staff interview EHR data pull
  Barriers to model use      
  Quality of clinical encounter      
  SF-12 (quality of life)       
  Patient activation       
  Concur with/quality of CDS       
  Implementation climate      
  Medication adherence       
  Rec uptake     
  Discussion of risk/prevention       
  Work flow/processes       
  Implementation policies/practices      
  Intervention values and task fit      
  FHH documentation/ counseling       
  % completion of MeTree      
  Time to complete MeTree      
  Laboratory data     
  Screening completed      
  Vital signs and weight     
  # medications      
  Referrals made      
  % high-risk patients      
  % with risk-based screening     
  % with screening completed      
  % with disease at goal      
  Visit length/wait times       
  Socioeconomic status       
  Medication costs      
  Office/ER visits/hospitalizations      
  Impact on family members