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Table 7 Inner context measures

From: Advancing heart health in North Carolina primary care: the Heart Health NOW study protocol

Practice type

Solo, single-specialty, multispecialty (NAMCS-EMR Q11-13)

Degree of integration

Practice owned by physician/group, HMO, CHC, AMC, other hospital, other corp. (NAMCS-EMR Q22)

Practice size

Number of physicians (NAMCS-EMR Q12)

Practice staffing

Number of mid-level providers (NAMCS-EMR Q14)

Patient volume

Number of office visits in a normal week (NAMCS-EMR Q10)/per provider full time equivalent (FTE)

Payer mix

Percent patient care revenue from Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, other (NAMCS-EMR Q23)

EMR capabilities

Number and use of computerized capabilities (NAMCS-EMR Q18a-Q18j)

  1. Items from the 2010 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey electronic medical records