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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: What is the effectiveness of printed educational materials on primary care physician knowledge, behaviour, and patient outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analyses

Author (year) Study type Country Study topic Intervention Comparison # of physicians Behaviours targeted
Avorn, J. (1983) RCT USA Drug prescribing Recommendations Another intervention, usual care 435 Physician behaviour
Bearcroft, P.W.P. (1994) RCT England Medical imaging Full guideline or summary Usual care 210 Physician behaviour
Bishop, P. (2006) RCT Canada Low back pain Whole guideline Another intervention, usual care 462 Physician behaviour
Bjornson, D.C. (1990) RCT USA Hypertension/cardiovascular illness Journal article Usual care 576 Physician behaviour
Butzlaff, M. (2003) RCT Germany General Whole guideline Usual care 72 Physician cognition
Denig, P. (1990) RCT Netherlands Irritable bowel syndrome and renal colic Bulletin Usual care 209 Physician behaviour, physician cognition
Dickinson, W.P. (2003) RCT USA Mental illness Recommendations Usual care Not clear Patient
Dormuth, C.R. (2004) RCT Canada Drug prescribing Bulletin Usual care 499 Physician behaviour
Downs, M. (2006) RCT UK Dementia Electronic case analysis Another intervention, usual care Not clear Physician behaviour
Dubey, V. (2006) RCT Canada Prevention Checklist with recommendations Usual care 38 Physician behaviour
Evans, C.E. (1986) RCT Canada Hypertension/cardiovascular illness Educational/Informational Package Usual care 76 Patient, physician behaviour
Feng, B. (2013) RCT USA Prostate cancer screening Recommendations Another intervention 118 Physician behaviour
French, S. (2013) RCT Australia Low back pain Whole guideline Another intervention 92 Physician behaviour, physician cognition
Guadagnoli, E. (2004) RCT USA Hypertension/cardiovascular illness Recommendations Usual care 247 Physician behaviour
Guthrie, B. (2013) ITS Scotland Dementia Recommendations N/A Not clear Physician behaviour
Hazard, R.G. (1997) RCT USA Low back pain Algorithm Usual care 30 Patient
Hunskaar, S. (1996) RCT Norway Drug prescribing Recommendations Usual care 374 Physician cognition
Kottke, T.E. (1989) RCT USA Smoking cessation Manual Another intervention, usual care 66 Patient, physician behaviour
Kunz, R. (2007) RCT Germany Drug prescribing Recommendations Usual care 132 Physician behaviour
Liaw, S.T. (2008) RCT Australia Asthma Guideline summary Another intervention, usual care 51 total Physician behaviour, physician cognition
Matowe, L. (2002) ITS Scotland Medical imaging Whole guideline N/A 376 Physician behaviour
McEwan, A. (2002) RCT England Smoking cessation Educational/informational package Usual care 107 Physician behaviour
Mukohara, K. (2005) RCT USA General Journal summary Another intervention 107 Physician cognition
Nicholas, J. (2009) RCT USA Obesity Recommendations Usual care 1000 Physician behaviour
Oakeshott, P. (1994) RCT England Medical imaging Sections of a guideline Usual care 170 Physician behaviour
Perria, C. (2007) RCT Italy Diabetes Whole guideline Another intervention, usual care 252 Physician behaviour
Rabin, D. (1994) RCT USA Sexually transmitted diseases Educational/informational package Another intervention, usual care 961 Physician behaviour
Rahme, E. (2005) RCT Canada Osteoarthritis Recommendations Another intervention, usual care 249 Physician behaviour
Secher, N. (2012) RCT Denmark Life support Poster Usual care 830 Physician cognition
Shah, B. (2014) RCT Canada Diabetes and cardiovascular disease Educational/informational package Usual care Not clear Patient, physician behaviour
Simon, A.E. (2010) RCT Switzerland Mental illness Clinical vignette Usual care 1138 Physician cognition
Szonyi, G. (1994) RCT Australia Incontinence Educational/informational package Usual care 124 Physician cognition
Tsuji, S.R. (2007) RCT Brazil Mental illness Educational/informational package Usual care 8 Patient, physician behaviour
Tziraki, C. (2000) RCT USA Prevention Manual Another intervention, usual care 810 Physician behaviour
Ulbricht, S. (2014) RCT Germany Psychotropic drug use Manual Usual care 852 Physician behaviour
Watson, E. (2001) RCT England Genetic services for breast cancer Educational/informational package Another intervention, usual care 688 Physician cognition
Watson, M. (2001) RCT England Drug prescribing Recommendations Another intervention, usual care 107 Physician behaviour
Worrall, G. (1999) RCT Canada Mental illness Whole guideline Another intervention 42 Patient, physician behaviour
Wright, N.M.J. (2004) ITS England Drug prescribing Recommendations N/A 444 Physician behaviour
Zwarenstein, M. (2014) RCT Canada Diabetes and retinal screening Recommendations Usual care, variations in intervention 5048 Physician behaviour