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Fig. 2

From: Behaviour change strategies for reducing blood pressure-related disease burden: findings from a global implementation research programme

Fig. 2

Capability, opportunity and motivation ratings of community members, non-physician health workers and doctors in 15 research projects. + not working with this particular target group. * rating not provided. Notes: (1) Research teams are ordered around the plot by their strategy according to Table 2 and then alphabetically. (2) Each team provided ratings on a 3-point scale (low (inner ring), medium (middle ring) and high (outer ring)) for each of the “actors” with whom they were targeting their interventions. This was done for each of the COM-B components (capability, opportunity and motivation). The more peripheral the location, the higher the rating. (3) Teams provided additional explanatory text providing contextual information for how they arrived at their ratings. Please see the supplemental online files. (4) Several projects are targeting other “actors”, and these are not included in these figures (e.g. for the India triple pill project, ratings are left blank for NPHWs as this project is not engaging with these groups; for the Peru salt project, ratings are left blank for doctors and NPHWs as this project is mainly engaging with the community, community kitchens and retail food outlets.) Please refer to the individual project templates in the supplemental online files to view their ratings for these other actors

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