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Table 3 Description of final intervention

From: Improving medication management in multimorbidity: development of the MultimorbiditY COllaborative Medication Review And DEcision Making (MY COMRADE) intervention using the Behaviour Change Wheel

The final intervention is called MultimorbiditY COllaborative Medication Review And DEcision Making (MY COMRADE)
It involves the following (relevant behavioural change techniques are in brackets):
GPs will be asked to schedule protected time for themselves and one of their GP colleagues to conduct the collaborative medication review and enter this time into the practice appointment book. They will be asked to choose a day/time/office that suits them best and decide how many patient cases to review in one sitting (action planning). The GPs will choose multimorbid patients from their caseload and in the scheduled review time will review medications, supported by their GP colleague (social support and restructuring social environment). The medication review will be cued by the seven prompts described in the NO TEARS [27] medication checklist (prompts and cues). GPs will be asked to record recommendations for medication change that arise from the review in the patient’s notes to allow them to discuss these with the patient during their next consultation. After completing the review, GPs will award themselves continuing professional development points: one point for each cumulative hour of the activity completed (self-incentives).