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Table 5 Definitions of dimensions of COACH tool version V

From: Health system context and implementation of evidence-based practices—development and validation of the Context Assessment for Community Health (COACH) tool for low- and middle-income settings

Dimension Definition
Organizational resources The availability of resources that allow an organization (unit) to adapt successfully to internal and external pressures
Community engagement The mutual communication, deliberation and activities that occur between community members and an organization (unit)
Monitoring services for action The process of using locally derived data to assess performance and plan how to improve outcomes in an organization (unit)
Sources of knowledge The availability and use of sources of knowledge in an organization (unit) to facilitate best practice
Commitment to work The individual’s identification with and involvement in a particular organization (unit)
Work culture The way ‘we do things’ in an organization (unit) reflecting a supportive work culture
Leadership The actions of a formal leader in an organization (unit) to influence change and excellence in practice achieved through clarity and engagement
Informal payment Payments or benefits given to individual(s) in an organization (unit), which are made outside the officially accepted arrangements, to acquire an advantage or service