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Table 1 The focus group discussion guide used following the individual content validity testing in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Uganda and Nicaragua, phase II

From: Health system context and implementation of evidence-based practices—development and validation of the Context Assessment for Community Health (COACH) tool for low- and middle-income settings

1. In terms of uptake of new knowledge, what are your thoughts around this dimension as a whole?
2. How well do you find these items to reflect the dimension as a whole?
3. If we look at the individual items, what are your thoughts about them?
4. Do you believe that any of the three targeted types of healthcare providers will find it difficult to answer to any of the items in the dimension and if so, why?
5. Are there any aspects you missed? As you read these items now, do you see any reason to remove any item? Would it require any other item? What would it then cover?