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Fig. 1

From: Use of concept mapping to characterize relationships among implementation strategies and assess their feasibility and importance: results from the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) study

Fig. 1

Point and cluster map of all 73 strategies identified in the ERIC process. The map reflects the product of an expert panel (valid response n = 32) sorting 73 discrete implementation strategies into groupings by similarity with each strategy being depicted by a yellow dot and accompanied by a number supporting cross-referencing to the strategies enumerated in Table 1. Spatial distances reflect how frequently the strategies were sorted together as similar. In general, the closer two points are together, the more frequently those strategies were sorted together. Strategies distal from one another were infrequently, if at all, sorted together. These spatial relationships are relative to the sorting data obtained in this study, and distances do not reflect an absolute relationship (i.e., a 5-mm distance in the present map does not reflect the same relationship as a 5-mm distance on a map from a different data set). The legend provides the label for each of the nine clusters of strategies. Dotted lines within the Develop stakeholder interrelationships cluster indicate how two separate clusters were merged into one large cluster due to conceptual similarity among their items. Dotted lines extending between other clusters archive the reassignment of strategies from their original cluster to a neighboring cluster to which there was a better conceptual fit (i.e., strategies #48, #58, and #62)

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