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Table 3 Data collection matrix

From: Lessons learnt during the process of setup and implementation of the voucher scheme in Eastern Uganda: a mixed methods study

Methods/source of data Study population Sample size Lessons
FGDs • Mothers who used the vouchers • 2 FGDs of 10 mothers each who used the vouchers in Buyende district • Benefits of working with local private providers
• Men whose spouses used vouchers
• Transporters • 1 FGD of 15 mothers who used the vouchers in Pallisa district • How to identify the right incentives for providers
• Unintended consequences
• 1FGD of 10 men in Buyende district
• 1 FGD of 11 transporters in Pallisa District
• 1 FGDs of 12 transporters in Buyende district
IDIs • Community leaders • 1 IDI of male council representative from Iringa village in Buyende district • Engaging community
• How to target beneficiaries
• 1 IDI of female council representative from Kamuge Sub-County in Pallisa district • Benefits of working with local private providers Sustaining the intervention
• Transporters representative • 1 IDI of male council presentative from Wesunire village in Buyende district
• 1 IDI of transporters’ representative from Kidera Sub-County in Buyende district
Desk review • Safe deliveries project report   • District response to increased demand
• Safe deliveries project/field notes • Verification using registers
• Safe deliveries project implementation manual • How to target beneficiaries