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Table 5 Should someone else take responsibility for implementation of clinical research results?

From: Research funders’ roles and perceived responsibilities in relation to the implementation of clinical research results: a multiple case study of Swedish research funders

Should someone else take responsibility?a National public (N = 3) National private (N = 3) Local public (N = 4) Totalb
Yes 1 funderc   1 funder 2 funders
To a certain degree 1 funder   2 funders 3 funders
No 1 funder 3 funders 1 funder 5 funders
  1. aOnly one answer per funder allowed
  2. bIndicates the total amount of funders across funding levels supporting each option where the possible alternatives are “Yes,” “To a certain degree,” and “No” (N = 10)
  3. cIndicates the amount of funders within funding levels supporting each option