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Table 1 HITSystem targets: eight time-sensitive EID interventions

From: Improving early infant HIV diagnosis in Kenya: study protocol of a cluster-randomized efficacy trial of the HITSystem

1.Initiation of OI prophylaxis at 6 weeks
2.Collect dried blood spot (DBS) for PCR test by 6 weeks
3.Receipt of DBS at lab within 10 days of collection
4.Return of PCR results from lab within 2 weeks
5.Notify mother within 2 weeks of the EID provider receiving results
6.Initiate all HIV-infected infants on ART within 4 weeks of notifying the mother
7.Retest all HIV-uninfected infants at 9 months, initiate ART w/in 4 weeks if applicablea
8.Retest all HIV-uninfected infants at 18 months, initiate ART w/in 4 weeks if applicablea
  1. aRe-testing indicated at these time points or 6 weeks after cessation of breastfeeding
  2. Greater detail regarding the 8 intervention points and the HITSystem process has been previously published. [21]