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Table 2 Go zone: statements highest in importance and challenge in advancing research on sustainability

From: Sustainability of evidence-based healthcare: research agenda, methodological advances, and infrastructure support

Domain one: research agenda
 Defining the key attributes of orgs and systems that successfully sustain effective practice (e.g., ongoing leadership attention, ongoing measurement, systematic hardwiring of effective innovation, etc.)a
 Assessing the dynamic processes underlying sustained useb
 Testing of theories/frameworks for sustainability
 Identifying common and independent factors that drive adoption vs. initial implementation vs. long-term use
 Conducting ROI (return on investment) studies to make it clear to stakeholders and funders how much is actually gained when effective programs are sustained
 Understanding how to sustain programs/policies in low resource settings
 Identifying key or core program sustainability components
 Determining the return-on-investment of sustainability given a variety of likely parameters (e.g., number of individuals reached; number of infections averted)
 Identifying the key contextual factors (e.g., organizational characteristics) associated with variations in sustainability
Domain two: advancing methodology for sustainability research
Constructing reliable and validated tools to measure core sustainability constructs
  1. aMost important of 91 statements
  2. bMost challenging of 91 statements