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Table 1 Involvement of the disciplines on hospital level during implementation

From: A detailed report of the resource use and costs associated with implementation of a short stay programme for breast cancer surgery

Function Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Hospital 3 Hospital 4
Nurse practitioner No Yes No Yes
Breast care nurse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surgeon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Radiologist No No No Yes
Team leader Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staff advisor yes Yes No No
Ward manager yes Yes No Yes
Division manager yes Yes No No
Financial advisor yes No No No
Anaesthesiologist yes Yes No No
Anaesthesiology nurse Yes Yes No No
Secretary yes Yes No No
Social worker No Yes No No
Admission planner yes No No yes
Nuclear specialist Yes No No No
Senior nurse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Junior nurse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liaison nurse Yes Yes No Yes
Patient support member No No No Yes