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Table 1 Included interventions for psychosis (n = 15)

From: The feasibility of implementing recovery, psychosocial and pharmacological interventions for psychosis: comparison study

Recovery interventions RCTs Psychosocial interventions RCTs Pharmacological interventions RCTs
Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) 4 Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) 25 Acute treatment—oral antipsychotics not otherwise specified 24
Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) 1 Family intervention (FI) 20 Relapse prevention—oral antipsychotics not otherwise specified 8
Individual Placement and Support (IPS) 12 Behavioural lifestyle intervention (combined physical activity and healthy eating) 15 Relapse prevention—depot medication 2
Recovery Workbook 1 Arts therapy 4 Treatment resistance—clozapine 2
Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support (BRIDGES) 1 Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapy 1 Smoking cessation—bupropion or varenicline 7
Total RCTs: 19   65   43