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Table 4 VA DPP eligibility criteria

From: Implementation and evaluation of the VA DPP clinical demonstration: protocol for a multi-site non-randomized hybrid effectiveness-implementation type III trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Patients will be considered VA DPP eligible if all of the below are true: Patients will be considered VA DPP ineligible if one or more of the following is true:
Patient has fasting glucose of 100–125 mg/dl OR A1c of 5.7%–6.4% for the past 6 months. Patient already has type 2 diabetes. If patient was ever diagnosed with diabetes, they are not eligible, even if their A1c level is within the eligible range; they are then considered “diet controlled”.
Note: This is NOT the same as the VA’s criteria, which considers prediabetes as 5.7%–6.9%.
Patient does not have laboratory-confirmed elevations in either fasting glucose or A1c that indicates prediabetes.
Patient is VA MOVE! eligible (BMI ≥ 30 or BMI ≥ 25 with at least one cardiovascular disease risk factor).
Patient is taking metformin or other hypoglycemic agent.
Patient is currently known to be pregnant.
Patient is competent to provide informed consent.
Patient has an eating disorder.
Patient understands English. Patient has a medical contraindication to diet, exercise, or weight loss.
Patient has not used metformin for the past 3 months. Patient is not competent to complete the informed consent process.
Travel time is <60 min from the VA medical center where patient receives their care. Patient has attended all or part of VA MOVE! in the last year.
Patient has completed VA MOVE! introduction class. Travel time is >60 min from the VA medical center where patient receives their care.