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Table 2 Program design differences between the VA DPP and VA MOVE!

From: Implementation and evaluation of the VA DPP clinical demonstration: protocol for a multi-site non-randomized hybrid effectiveness-implementation type III trial

Program attribute VA DPP VA MOVE! Behavioral constructs impacted
Goal awareness and commitment Assigned generic goals Patients create own goals Goal awareness
Goal commitment
Outcome expectations Focus on diabetes prevention Focus on weight loss and healthy lifestyle Perceived risk [44]
Outcome expectations [45]
Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation [46]
Group cohesion Closed cohorts, single coach, group identity around prediabetes Open and closed cohorts, multi-disciplinary team, individuals with diabetes, prediabetes and normal glucose tolerance in the same group Group cohesion
Attitude toward others in group
Attitude toward the group coach
Self-regulation skill mastery Iterative skill building and a focus on mastery Independent sessions addressing a series of behavioral skills Self-regulation skills [47]
Self-efficacy [47,48]
Willingness to self-monitor
Adherence to monitoring
Program intensity Sixteen sessions in 6 months Twelve to fourteen sessions in 3 months Attendance
Satisfaction with number of visits