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Table 1 Published diabetes prevention program trial descriptions and selected outcomes

From: Implementation and evaluation of the VA DPP clinical demonstration: protocol for a multi-site non-randomized hybrid effectiveness-implementation type III trial

Study Individual or group N(lifestyle group) Years of follow-up Mean weight loss (lifestyle group) Reduction in developing diabetes
The Diabetes Prevention Program study [1] Individual 1,079 2.8a 5.6 kg 58%
Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes study [5] Individual 910 10 2.0 kg 34%
The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Program study [42] Individual 265 2 3.5 kg 58%b
China Da Qing Diabetes Prevention study [3] Individual 266c 20 3.7 kg 43%
Indian Diabetes Prevention Programme [4] Advice to individuald 133e 3 No significant change in body weightf 28.5%
DEPLOY YMCA [6] Group 29 1 5.7 kg (6%) NA
Group Lifestyle Balance [7] Group 52g 1 5.5 kg (5.5%) NA
  1. aFollow-up ranged from 1.8–4.6 years.
  2. bThere was a 43% reduction in relative risk at a median of 7 years of follow-up; after a median of 4 years of active intervention period, participants who were still free of diabetes were further followed up for a median of 3 years [43].
  3. cNumber of participants, combined, across three lifestyle interventions: diet, exercise, and diet plus exercise.
  4. dParticipants received advice on healthy diet and regular physical activity.
  5. eOne hundred and thirty-three individuals were randomized to this intervention but 120 were available for follow-up at 2.5 years.
  6. fParticipants were younger (mean age 45.9 ± 5.7 years) and had lower BMI (25.8 ± 3.5 kg/m2) than previous studies.
  7. gNumber of participants that completed the 12-month assessment in a single group pre-post comparison study.