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Table 3 Items which did not achieve consensus

From: Developing standards for reporting implementation studies of complex interventions (StaRI): a systematic review and e-Delphi

Section Standard Consensus (% agreement with scores 7, 8 or 9)
Title and abstract The title (or abstract if word count of title precludes) should include a description of the methodology (e.g. phase IV implementation study, cluster randomised implementation trial, interrupted time series, before and after, stepped wedge study). 79%
Introduction Include a description of the wider health care/policy/commercial context. 58%
Describe any pilot implementation work and the conclusions from that work. 63%
Methods (the new service) What is the relation of components of the intervention to the rationale for the new service design and/or theory underpinning implementation discussed above? 30%
Define role of the researchers in design and implementation. 79%
Methods (population) If applicable, describe any consent required (which should be to the new service and not to research). 53%
Describe recruitment of any sub-groups recruited for additional research tasks (e.g. questionnaire completion, physiological measures, detailed record analysis). 47%
Results (population) Report details of any subgroups recruited to specific research tasks (e.g. questionnaire completion, physiological testing) as opposed to the clinical service. Compare characteristics of any sub-groups to the whole eligible population. 74%
Discussion (population) Include a structured abstract (for example including summary of findings, strengths and limitations, comparison with other studies, conclusions and implications). 58%
Reflect on the processes of implementing the service, barriers or facilitators and lessons learned. 79%
How did the setting enable or hinder the implementation of the new service? 79%
How was the new service was implemented highlighting (if relevant) variations between sites and over time and the impact on treatment outcomes and unintended consequences? 74%