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Table 4 Other classification schemes to classify interventions (n= 23)

From: A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare

Classification scheme Context Focus of scheme Methodology Peer reviewed Knowledge users Piloted or tested Theory based
Greenhalgh 2004 [51] General Diffusion of innovations in health service delivery and organization Literature review Yes No No No
Keller 2004 [37] Public health Intervention wheel for public health Literature review, expert panel Yes Yes Yes No
Nuffeld 2007 [25] Public health Intervention ‘ladder’ of public health interventions from an ethical viewpoint Not reported No No No No
Proctor 2013 [52] Health Recommendations for specifying and reporting implementation strategies Not reported Yes No No No
Ward 2010 [38] General Knowledge transfer model with five elements: classify problem; context; knowledge; intervention; use Literature review, fieldwork, revising Yes Yes Yes No