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Table 2 Taxonomies to classify interventions (n= 23)

From: A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare

Classification scheme Context Focus of scheme Methodology Peer reviewed Knowledge users Piloted or tested Theory based
Abraham 2008 [40] General Theory-linked taxonomy of behaviour change techniques Review, mapping, Yes No Yes Yes
Carlson 2010 [53] Health, policy A taxonomy of performance-based, health outcomes—reimbursement schemes Literature review Yes No No No
Dogherty 2010 [54] Health, nursing Taxonomy of facilitation interventions/strategies and facilitator role Literature review Yes No No No
Embry 2008 [55] Psychology The 52 evidence-based kernels that produce reliable effects on behaviour Not reported Yes No No No
Evenboer 2012 [36] Social work, youth Taxonomy of care for youth Interviews, chart reviews, expert panel, Yes Yes Yes No
Galbraith 2011 [43] Health, HIV/AIDS prevention Taxonomy of core elements of evidence-based behavioural interventions Literature review Yes No Yes No
Geller 1990 [56] Public health, injury control Taxonomy of behaviour change strategies to guide intervention development and evaluation in injury control Not reported Yes No No Yes
Gifford 2013 [57] Health, nursing Taxonomy of leadership and management behaviours Qualitative interviews Yes No No Yes
Hardeman 2000 [58] Public health, obesity A taxonomy of behaviour change programs for classifying models, change methods, and modes of delivery for prevention of weight gain Literature review Yes No No No
Lamb 2011 [35] Health; public health Taxonomy to classify and describe fall-prevention interventions Literature review, consensus Yes Yes Yes No
Leeman 2007 [50] Nursing Taxonomy of methods for implementing change in practice Literature review and content analysis Yes No No Yes
Lowe 2011 [59] Health; medication use Taxonomy of interventions for improving consumer medication use Literature review and thematic analysis Yes No No No
Mazza 2013 [44] Guideline implementation Taxonomy of implementation strategies Amendment of EPOC Yes No Yes No
Michie 2012 [45] Public health Taxonomy of behaviour change techniques for reducing excessive alcohol consumption Coding of documents Yes No Yes No
Michie 2008 [46] Behaviour change Initial list of behaviour change techniques Literature review, brainstorming Yes No Yes Yes
Michie 2011 [41] Public health Behaviour change techniques for physical activity and healthy eating behaviours Iterative refining; document coding Yes No Yes Yes
Michie 2011 [42] Public health Behaviour change techniques used in individual behavioural support for smoking cessation Coding of two key documents Yes No Yes Yes
Reisman 2005 [60] General A cross-disciplinary taxonomy of transfer of technologies Literature review Yes No No No
Schulz 2010 [34] General Taxonomy of delivery characteristics and content and goals of interventions Literature review Yes Yes Yes No
Shojania 2004 [49] Quality improvement Taxonomy of quality improvement strategies Literature review Yes No No No
Taylor 2011 [31] Patient safety Taxonomy of contextual features important to the effectiveness of patient safety practice interventions Expert panel, literature review Yes Yes No No
Walter 2003 [61] General Cross-sectorial taxonomy of interventions to increase the impact of research Literature review Yes No No Yes
West 2006 [62] Public health Includes a simple taxonomy of approaches designed to influence behaviour patterns NR Yes NR No NR