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Table 2 Data sources, data analysis and quality control methods used

From: Facilitators and barriers to effective scale-up of an evidence-based multilevel HIV prevention intervention

Data source

Topics noted

Quality control

Methodological approach

Semi-structured telephone interviews (N = 647)



For both sources of data:


• How each core element is being implemented

• Trained to take extensive notes, including key verbatim phrases to record content of each interview

• Investigators regularly reviewed interviewer’s and TA providers’ interview summaries and field notes


• Adaptations made to the core elements

• Cleaned each summary note, making sure team had data on each relevant topic in interview guide

• Bi-weekly meetings addressed TA and field notes


• Rationale for adaptation

• Indicated verbatim phrases

• Discussions focused on barriers and facilitators to effective implementation, as well as how to address them in TA


• Problems encountered in implementation

• Ensured accurate record of interview content and interview conditions (i.e., level of rapport, apparent distractions, general level of flow for each interview)

• Field notes, summaries, and analytical codes applied to relevant sections of each summary note were entered into qualitative database


• Approaches used to overcome challenges


Extensive field notes and commentary


TA providers:


• Barriers and facilitators to implementation fidelity

• Had been coordinators in prior efficacy trials, and were extensively trained and supervised in previous research


• Problems encountered in implementation

• Thus had clear understanding of fidelity to original implementation methods


• Approaches used to overcome challenges

• Jotted extensive notes during all TA sessions (delivered by telephone and/or e-mail)


• Subsequently created detailed commentary about each TA session, operationalized as fieldnotes


• Were trained on the study domains (barriers and facilitators to intervention fidelity) to ensure recording of relevant data when topics of interest arose during TA


• Used template for TA fieldnotes, which contained headings for each relevant study topic where notes were taken