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Table 1 Interview guides for formative and process interviews

From: The role of evidence and context for implementing a multimodal intervention to increase HIV testing


Questions asked


 1. What is your title/job/role?

  a. What role do you play here with regard to HIV disease?

 2. First, we want to know more about how, in general, new clinical tasks are introduced in primary care here. What can you tell me about this?

 3. Now, can you tell me what is going on here in regard to HIV testing?

  a. What are the primary care providers doing with regard to HIV testing?

   i. How likely is a patient to be offered an HIV test in primary care?

   ii. In your experience, how do patients respond when offered a test?

  b. How much of a priority is HIV testing in the context of a clinical appointment?

 4. Is there a clinical reminder here for HIV testing?

  a. If yes:

   i. Have you seen it?

   ii. How do you think this is being received by staff? (How do they feel about it?)

   iii. Who is responsible for resolving the reminder?

   iv. What kind of reminder is in place, routine or at-risk?

  a. If no:

   i. How do you think a CR for HIV testing would be received by staff?

   ii. Who would be responsible for resolving this type of reminder?

   iii. What kind of reminder do you think would be well received—at-risk or routine?

 5. What is the process here for consenting for an HIV test?

 6. What do you think about increasing HIV testing at this facility?

 7. Aside from what we’ve already talked about, what else should we know about your facility when it comes to efforts to increase HIV testing rates (e.g., policies, practices, personnel, patients)?

 8. If you could change 1 policy or practice to increase HIV testing, what would you do?

Follow-up (process)

Today, I would like to discuss with you how the MVQI HIV implementation of this initiative has gone at your facility, and how it has been received by staff

 1. How was this new initiative to increase HIV testing introduced at your facility?

 2. In general, can you tell me about the HIV CR that was implemented at your facility?

 3. What do you think the impact of the CR has been in regards to HIV screening and testing rates here overall?

 4. What did you think about the training session that was conducted by our study staff?

 5. How do providers receive feedback on HIV testing rates?

 6. What do you think the impact of this feedback has been on providers

 7. What problems emerged when trying to increase HIV testing?

 8. In the past four to six months, have you offered HIV tests to any patients?

 9. How do you think the CR changed practice?

 10. What other things have prompted you to offer HIV testing?

 11. What else is going on in regards to HIV testing in the VA or community?

 12. Aside from what we’ve already talked about, what else should we know about your facility when it comes to increasing HIV testing and clinical reminders?