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Table 1 Services addressed by PBF

From: Protocol for the evaluation of a quality-based pay for performance scheme in Liberia

PBF services Definition
Quality of complicated and assisted pregnancy and delivery (including C-section) Any labor that is made more difficult or complex by a deviation from the normal procedure. Complicated delivery is defined as assisted vaginal deliveries (vacuum extraction or forceps), C-section, episiotomy, and other procedures.
Quantity of normal deliveries for at-risk referrals High-risk pregnant women referred by health center to the hospital but delivered normally. A high-risk pregnancy is defined as evidence of edema, malpresentation, increased BP, multi-parity, etc.
Quantity of counter referral letters returned to health centers Hospital returns counter referral letters with feedback on the referred patient to the referring health center. The counter referral letter is completed in triplicate, with one also given to the patient and one retained by the hospital.
Quantity of newborns referred for emergency neonatal care treatment Newborns referred for emergency neonatal care due to perinatal complications, low birth weight, congenital malformation, asphyxia, etc.
Quantity of referred under-fives with fever Infants and under-fives with fever who were referred to the hospital for management of malaria and pneumonia.
Quality of minor surgical intervention Any surgical procedure that does not involve anesthesia or respiratory assistance.
Quality of major surgery (excluding CS, including major trauma) Any surgery in which the patient must be put under general spinal/anesthesia and given respiratory assistance. Major surgery in the case of this package of services is defined as any of the following: herniorrhaphy, appendectomy, myomectomy, splenectomy, salpingectomy, hysterectomy, thyroidectomy, and mastectomy.
Quantity of patients transported by ambulance Patients transferred from a lower-level facility (health center or health clinic) to the hospital for emergency treatment.