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Table 1 Listing of included and excluded constructs from the organizing frameworks

From: The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration Instrument Review Project: A methodology to promote rigorous evaluation

  Construct Included Excluded
CFIR domains    
  Characteristics of individuals Knowledge and beliefs about the intervention X  
  Individual stage of change X  
  Individual identification with organization X  
  Other personal attributes X  
  Self-efficacy X  
  Inner setting Culture X  
  Implementation climate (IC) X  
  IC: tension for changea X  
  IC: compatibilitya X  
  IC: relative prioritya X  
  IC: organizational incentives and rewardsa X  
  IC: goals and feedbacka X  
  IC: learning climatea X  
  Networks and communications X  
  Readiness for implementation (RI) X  
  RI: leadership engagementa X  
  RI: available resourcesa X  
  RI: access to knowledge and informationa X  
  Structural characteristics X  
  Intervention characteristics Adaptability X  
  Complexity X  
  Cost X  
  Design quality and packaging X  
  Evidence strength and quality X  
  Intervention source X  
  Relative advantage X  
  Trialability X  
  Outer setting Cosmopolitanism X  
  External policy and incentives X  
  Patient needs and resources X  
  Peer pressure X  
  Process Engaging X  
  Engaging: opinion leadersa X  
  Engaging: formally appointed internala X  
Implementation leadersa   
  Engaging: championsa X  
  Engaging: external change agentsa X  
  Executing X  
  Planning X  
  Reflecting and evaluating X  
  Implementation outcomes framework    
  Service outcomes Effectiveness   X
  Efficiency   X
  Equity   X
  Patient-centeredness   X
  Safety   X
  Timeliness   X
  Client outcomes Function   X
  Satisfaction X  
  Symptomology   X
  Implementation outcomes Acceptability X  
  Adoption X  
  Appropriateness X  
  Cost X  
  Feasibility X  
  Fidelity X  
  Penetration X  
  Sustainability X  
Total   48 8
  1. There are 34 main constructs with a total of 48 including subconstructs. Adapted from Damschroder et al. [7] ( and Proctor et al. [8].
  2. CFIR Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research.
  3. aSubconstructs.