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Table 1 Listing of included and excluded constructs from the organizing frameworks

From: The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration Instrument Review Project: A methodology to promote rigorous evaluation

 Construct Included Excluded
CFIR domains   
  Characteristics of individualsKnowledge and beliefs about the interventionX 
 Individual stage of changeX 
 Individual identification with organizationX 
 Other personal attributesX 
  Inner settingCultureX 
 Implementation climate (IC)X 
  IC: tension for changea X 
  IC: compatibilitya X 
  IC: relative prioritya X 
  IC: organizational incentives and rewardsa X 
  IC: goals and feedbacka X 
  IC: learning climatea X 
 Networks and communicationsX 
 Readiness for implementation (RI)X 
  RI: leadership engagementa X 
  RI: available resourcesa X 
  RI: access to knowledge and informationa X 
 Structural characteristicsX 
  Intervention characteristicsAdaptabilityX 
 Design quality and packagingX 
 Evidence strength and qualityX 
 Intervention sourceX 
 Relative advantageX 
  Outer settingCosmopolitanismX 
 External policy and incentivesX 
 Patient needs and resourcesX 
 Peer pressureX 
  Engaging: opinion leadersa X 
  Engaging: formally appointed internala X 
Implementation leadersa   
  Engaging: championsa X 
  Engaging: external change agentsa X 
 Reflecting and evaluatingX 
  Implementation outcomes framework   
  Service outcomesEffectiveness X
 Efficiency X
 Equity X
 Patient-centeredness X
 Safety X
 Timeliness X
  Client outcomesFunction X
 Symptomology X
  Implementation outcomesAcceptabilityX 
Total 488
  1. There are 34 main constructs with a total of 48 including subconstructs. Adapted from Damschroder et al. [7] ( and Proctor et al. [8].
  2. CFIR Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research.
  3. aSubconstructs.