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Table 4 Integration of mixed method results demonstrating convergence and expansion of findings

From: Leadership and organizational change for implementation (LOCI): a randomized mixed method pilot study of a leadership and organization development intervention for evidence-based practice implementation

Approach Quantitative Qualitative
Question Is the LOCI intervention feasible?  
Answer Yes: Leaders in the LOCI condition reported being more engaged in the training and learning more than control condition participants Yes: LOCI participants were able to articulate more comprehensively the aspects of training that were important for EBP implementation.
Yes: The LOCI training, including initial training, coaching, group calls and booster session were seen as feasible and desirable even in the face of competing demands.
No: Participants in both conditions noted that staff surveys were too long
Question Is the LOCI intervention acceptable?
Answer Yes: Leaders in the LOCI condition compared to the control reported applying what was learned, ability to manage change, change in behavioral routines and leader behaviors and an increased emphasis on EBP in their interactions with supervisees to a greater degree Yes: LOCI was acceptable in regard to the FRL conceptual model, use of specific and measureable training goals, relevance to day-to-day work, and personal growth.
Question Does the LOCI intervention have utility for evidence-based practice implementation?
Answer Yes: Leaders in the LOCI condition, compared to the control, reported greater general utility, utility for managing organizational change, and utility for EBP implementation. Yes: LOCI participants reported that the intervention had utility in day-to-day operations, implementing general change, and implementing change related to EBP
Yes: Supervisees of leaders in the LOCI condition, compared to the control condition, reported increased leader support for EBP
  1. FRL Full-Range Leadership.