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Table 3 The tailored intervention program for each European country

From: Stakeholders’ contributions to tailored implementation programs: an observational study of group interview methods

Germany 1.Training on polypharmacy of primary care clinicians
2. Development and sharing of practice concepts (local protocols)
3. Provision of checklist for medication counseling and medication review
4. Provision of template for medication list
5. Provision of tablet PC with self-learning program
6. Campaign with posters and leaflets
Netherlands 1. Refresher motivational interviewing training for primary care nurses
2. E-learning module on cardiovascular risk management for primary care nurses
3. Local treatment protocol for cardiovascular patients.
4. Card with treatment values
5. Support and encouragement of primary care nurses to use e-health applications for patients without symptoms of depression
6. Support and encouragement of primary care nurses to refer patients with mild symptoms of depression to physical activity groups
7. Support and encouragement of primary care nurses to refer patients with severe symptoms of depression to depression treatment
Norway 1. Tools and checklist for developing collaborative care plans for municipalities
2. Information resources for healthcare professionals on treatment options
3. Information resources for patients and relatives
4. Educational outreach visits to primary care practices.
5. E-learning resources, including CME courses
6. Comprehensive website with information and educational resources.
Poland 1. Training on stop-smoking counseling in primary care physicians.
2. Dyspnoe scale attached to patient records
3. Checklist for managing COPD patients
4. Provision of training inhaler devices to practices.
United Kingdom 1. Training and scripts for counseling patients for primary care clinicians
2. Training in waist measurement for primary care clinicians
3. Educational booklets for patients
4. Discussion on revision of roles regarding obese patients in practices
5. Provision of information on local pathways