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Table 1 Descriptions of CIHR iKT funding opportunities at time of the study

From: Research funder required research partnerships: a qualitative inquiry

CIHR iKT funding opportunity Description and purpose Funding Definition of knowledge-user
Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) To support researchers and decision makers conducting applied research that will be used by health system managers and/or policymakers to strengthen Canada’s healthcare system $600,000 total over 3 years; applicants must additionally secure a minimum of 20% of grant awarded by CIHR from other partners Healthcare policymakers and decision makers
Knowledge Synthesis (KRS) To support production of scoping reviews and syntheses that provide an overview of the state of knowledge on a topic; inform knowledge-users of lack/existence of evidence when making decisions; and guide researchers to primary research $100,000 for up to 1 year (synthesis); $40,000 for up to 1 year (scoping review) Healthcare decision makers and other researchers (will vary based on research topic)
Knowledge to Action (K2A) To accelerate the translation of knowledge between researcher and knowledge-user in order to move knowledge into action, as well as learn about the knowledge application process $200,000 over 2 years Healthcare policymakers
  1. Descriptions adapted from CIHR’s ResearchNet: