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Table 4 Application of the Knowledge Creation phases

From: Using the Knowledge to Action Framework in practice: a citation analysis and systematic review

Authors, date of publication Knowledge creation  
Knowledge inquiry Knowledge synthesis Knowledge tools/products Tailoring knowledge
1 Bjrøk et al., 2013a[18] ‘Instrumental’ manual; tailored through cooperation with stakeholders
2 Claude et al., 2012 [17]
3 Hua et al., 2012 [20] Summaries of evidence (one page to scientific analysis of changes to recommendations; slide decks; patients and provider tools; continuing health education modules; posted on website)
4 Keyser, 2010b[19]
5 Molfenter et al., 2009c[23]
6 Petzold et al., 2010 [24]
7 Russell et al., 2010 [25]
8 Stacey et al., 2009c[21] Development of exam questions, problem-based scenarios, materials in French; newsletter profiling different resources available
9 Straus et al., 2008 [22]
10 Tugwell et al., 2007 [26] One page summaries of evidence; ‘bottom lines’ highlighting risk/benefits; decision aids
  1. Key: – indicates that this phase was not named explicitly within the text.
  2. aReported ‘knowledge creation and tailoring’.
  3. bMasters of Science dissertation, involving a literature review.
  4. cThese studies reported ‘knowledge creation’ but did not name individual phases within this component.