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Table 4 Facilitating the transitions between different levels of learning within a healthcare organisation

From: Rethinking capacity building for knowledge mobilisation: developing multilevel capabilities in healthcare organisations

Area Actions to be considered by the facilitators
Transition from the individual to group level of learning • Involving multiprofessional teams in KM projects
• Encouraging the discussions of KM projects at formal and informal team meetings and other events
• Using individual skills and knowledge to develop wider KM activities involving more staff
• Enabling individual organisational members to act as educators for the rest of the organisational staff
Transition from the group to organisational level of learning • Rotating organisational members between different teams and departments
• Identifying and engaging individuals acting as intermediaries between different teams/departments
• Helping KM teams present their work to the wider organisation
• Institutionalising knowledge and skills in the form of organisational protocols, procedures and reminders
Transition from the organisational to individual level of learning • Recruiting more staff from across an organisation to take part in KM activities
• Creating opportunities for new staff to shadow more experienced organisational members
• Raising awareness about the location of relevant KM skills within an organisation
• Updating protocols and procedures in the light of the new knowledge and skills acquired by an organisation