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Table 3 Approaches to capability development in healthcare organisations undertaken by external KM initiatives

From: Rethinking capacity building for knowledge mobilisation: developing multilevel capabilities in healthcare organisations

Starting point Description Example
1. Individual-centred An individual based in a healthcare organisation is supported by or embedded into an external KM team Training and supporting secondary care based heart failure nurses to undertake audit and feedback of heart failure care facilitated by a KM team in general practices [80]
2. Team-centred A team based in a healthcare organisation is working on a KM project supported by an external KM initiative Training and supporting a multiprofessional team to undertake an evidence-based improvement project around identification and management of patients with CKD [58],[59]
3. Organisation-centred The whole organisation is involved in one or several KM projects supported by an external KM team Supporting all staff members of a general practice (i.e. not just a nominated ‘lead’ or ‘improvement team’) to actively participate in service improvement projects facilitated by KM experts