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Table 1 Classification of KM capabilities according to knowledge domains

From: Rethinking capacity building for knowledge mobilisation: developing multilevel capabilities in healthcare organisations

Knowledge domain Examples
1. Evidence management skills • searching, appraising, storing and retrieving research evidence
• synthesising research evidence
2. Process and system thinking • ability to apply improvement methodology to address an issue
• ability to ‘diagnose’ the broader context
3. Personal and organisational development • theory and practice of group facilitation
• stakeholder management and influencing skills
4. Involving patients, users, carers, staff and public • service redesign based on patient and staff experience
• identifying and acting upon stakeholders’ views and needs
5. Change management • project and programme management skills
• evaluating impact and learning
6. Delivering on cost and quality • financial projection and calculation
• measuring cost-effectiveness
7. Problem solving/consultancy • problem identification, definition and structuring
• written and visual presentation of data and recommendations
8. Diffusion of innovation • assessing and evaluating potential innovations
• building innovation into service improvement approaches
  1. Source: Adapted and expanded from [11].