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Table 3 Initial data matrix considering setting and care delivery activities

From: Manifestations and implications of uncertainty for improving healthcare systems: an analysis of observational and interventional studies grounded in complexity science

Study Conditions Results
Setting Patient care activities Relational Process outcomes Other outcomes
Learning and Relationships in VA Primary Care Clinics Primary care Preventive care (vaccination) Association (patient experience) No association (preventive care or chronic disease) N/A
Chronic disease management (hypertension (HTN), lipids, diabetes measures)
Using Complexity Science to Understand Inpatient Microsystems Inpatient Acute medical care N/A N/A Improved LOS, unnecessary LOS, complications
STEP-UP Primary care Preventive service delivery N/A Improved N/A
ULTRA Primary care Team-wide communication Improved (team communication) No association N/A
EPIC Primary care Diabetes, hypertension, lipid management Improved (culture) Improved in CQI group No association (A1c, BP, lipids)
No association in facilitation group
ABC Primary care Reciprocal learning Improved (learning, relational coordination) N/A Improved (ACIC, A1c)
SCOPE Primary care Colorectal cancer screening N/A No association N/A
CONNECT Nursing home Safety culture Improved (safety culture, communication) No association Improved fall rates