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Table 1 Overview of instruments and time of measurements

From: Optimizing polypharmacy among elderly hospital patients with chronic diseases—study protocol of the cluster randomized controlled POLITE-RCT trial

Outcome Instrument Time of measurement
   T0 T1 T2 T3
Primary outcomes      
Health-related quality of life EQ-5D X   X X
Difference in the number of prescribed long-term pharmaceutical agents Number of prescribed long-term pharmaceutical agents X X X X
Secondary outcomes      
Appropriateness of prescribed medication PRISCUS list, Beers Criteria X X X X
  Medication appropriateness index (MAI) X X X X
Patient satisfaction TSQM X   X X
Patient empowerment 9-item shared decision-making questionnaire (PEF-FB-9) X   X X
Patient autonomy Instrumental activities of daily living scale (IADL) X   X X
Falls Frequency: number of falls in the previous 6 months X X X X
For each fall, severity will be assessed:
Moderate: bruising, sprains, cuts, abrasions, or reduction in physical function for at least three days or if participant sought medical help
Severe: fractures, admission to hospital with an injury, or if stitches were required
Re-hospitalization     X X
Death    X X X
Cost-effectiveness Difference in health care costs between both groups     X
Additional data      
Demographic data Socio-demographic characteristics in epidemiological studies (SDD) X   X X