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Table 5 P values of the significance of the differences in the intention to use the decision box information in practice among Dbox topics (n.s. = P > 0.05)

From: Evidence summaries (decision boxes) to prepare clinicians for shared decision-making with patients: a mixed methods implementation study

  PSA ASA OSTEO BRCA Statins Prenatal FOBT
ASA n.s.       
OSTEO 0.02 n.s.      
BRCA 0.03 n.s. n.s.     
Statins n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s.    
Prenatal n.s. 0.03 0.0005 0.0006 0.02   
FOBT n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. 0.002  
ChEIs n.s. n.s. 0.007 n.s. n.s. n.s. 0.02
  1. For list of abbreviations, please see Table 1.