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Table 1 Summary of data collection procedures for HFTAT testing

From: Development and testing of an implementation strategy for a complex housing intervention: protocol for a mixed methods study

Measure Method of data collection Data source Construct type Data collection schedule
• Structural-level Electronic Staff Causal factor Baseline
• Org- and staff-level
• Consumer-level
• Visit frequency Electronic Staff Training outcome After training
• Completion time
• Cost
Training satisfaction
HFM knowledge Electronic Staff Training outcome • After training
• 12 months
Overall satisfaction with HFTAT Phone interview Implement leaders Training outcome 12 months
Fidelity Phone interview Implement leaders Implement outcome • Baseline
• 12 months
Implementation process (SIC) Collected ongoing through technical assistance activities Implement leaders Implement outcome N/A
Acceptability Electronic Staff Implement outcome • Baseline
• After training
• 12 months
• Feasibly Individual interview Staff Implement outcome • Baseline
• Appropriateness • After training
• Adoption • 12 months
• Penetration