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Table 1 Stages of Implementation Completion (SIC) by agent involved

From: Evaluation of two implementation strategies in 51 child county public service systems in two states: results of a cluster randomized head-to-head implementation trial

Phase Stage Involvement
Pre-implementation 1 Engagement System leader
2 Consideration of feasibility System leader, agency
3 Readiness planning System leader, agency
Implementation 4 Staff hired and trained Agency, practitioners
5 Adherence monitoring processes in place Practitioners, youth/family
6 Services and consultation begin Practitioners, youth/family
7 Ongoing services, consultation, fidelity monitoring and feedback Practitioners, youth/family
Competency 8 Certification/competency System, agency, practitioner
  1. In the current study, the SIC includes steps that have been identified as essential to the successful adoption, implementation, and attainment of competency for the MTFC model. Similar to most evidence-based programs, MTFC follows a manualized protocol that includes numerous organizational and planning tasks, as well as well-specified intervention strategies [9].