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Table 1 Described information for the data collection conducted in Spain, Colombia and Bolivia

From: Drivers of telemedicine use: comparative evidence from samples of Spanish, Colombian and Bolivian physicians

  Spain Colombia Bolivia
Sampling universe 356 physicians from hospitals, health care services and research centres of the Canary Islands Health Service 184 physicians affiliated to the Society of Surgery Service, San José Hospital of Bogotá 350 physicians from hospitals and health care centres in Sucre
Sample 113 118 279
Interview Self-administered questionnaire Self-administered questionnaire Self-administered questionnaire
Margin of error 7.6% p = q = 95% confidence level 5.4% p = q = 95% confidence level 2.7% p = q = 95% confidence level
Fieldwork January to June 2012 February to April 2012 August to September 2011