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Table 1 Search strategies

From: Exploring mentorship as a strategy to build capacity for knowledge translation research and practice: a scoping systematic review

Source Search terms used*
Business Source Premiere (mentor* OR coach*) NOT ((youth OR adolescen* OR teen* OR sport* OR athlet* OR football OR “high school*” OR basketball* OR golf*) OR Source (IEEE Transactions)). The following limits, available when searches were executed, were applied: Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals; Publication Type: Academic Journal; Document Type: Article; Search modes - Boolean/Phrase
Note: IEEE Transactions includes several publications issued by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy which generated a high number of ineligible articles and were therefore excluded
Social Sciences Citation Index (mentor* OR coach*) NOT (youth OR adolescent* OR teen* OR sport* OR athlet* OR football* OR “high school*” OR basketball* OR golf*) AND Language = (English) AND Document Types = (Article)
  1. *Search strategies may not be replicable based on differing vendor systems and changes in search interfaces over time.