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Table 4 A comparison of three methods for identifying plausibly important determinants (brainstorming, health professional interviews and patient interviews)

From: Identifying determinants of care for tailoring implementation in chronic diseases: an evaluation of different methods

Method Number of determinants not identified by any other method(unique determinants) Number of determinants Identified by at least one other method* Total
Brain Storming amongst health professionals 72 (37.2) 122 (62.8) 194 (100)
Health Professional Interviews 48 (31.6) 104 (68.4) 152 (100)
Patient Interviews 19 (30.2) 44 (69.8) 63 (100)
  1. *other methods include brainstorming, structured focus groups, open questionnaire, patient interviews, professionals’ interviews.
  2. N (%).