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Table 1 Objectives and planned number of projects per hospital

From: Quality improvement collaboratives and the wisdom of crowds: spread explained by perceived success at group level

Project Objective Number of planned projects per hospital
Year 1 Year 2
Patient logistics
Waiting lists Access time for outpatient appointment is less than a week 2 2
Operating theatre Increasing operating theatre productivity by 30% 1 1
Process redesign Decreasing the total duration of diagnostics and treatment by 40-90% and length of in-hospital stay by 30% 2 2
Patient safety
Medication safety Decreasing the number of medication errors by 50% 2 2
Pressure ulcers Percentage of pressure ulcers is lower than 5% 2 2
Postoperative wound infections Decreasing postoperative wound infections by 50% 1 0
Total   10 9
  1. (Source: Dückers et al.) [9].