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Table 1 An overview of the three technologies and their associated story theme

From: Examining the ethical and social issues of health technology design through the public appraisal of prospective scenarios: a study protocol describing a multimedia-based deliberative method


Enhancement technologies in teenagers

Preventive interventions for genetically ‘at risk’ adults

Ageing in a high-tech world


A shirt with embedded sensors that provide real-time feedback about the mental state and cognitive performance of the person wearing it.

Implantable cardiac ‘rectifier’ that destroys cells genetically susceptible to cause arrhythmia later.

An assistive personal robot connected to the Internet, which can interact with individuals and the built environment (using face, voice and object recognition).

Used with meditation techniques, the shirt can help one learn about oneself

The rectifier transmits data to a centralized system where experts confirm its plan of action

The robot is used at home and can ‘learn’ from its owner by asking questions and memorizing responses

Story theme

Finding ways to be oneself while building skills and competence to move towards adulthood.

Pondering genetic risks and uncertainties while deciding whether or not to intervene in an otherwise healthy body.

Adapting to successive transitional states and a gradual loss of mental and physical abilities while seeking to remain autonomous as long as possible.