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Table 2 Core elements of the Eban II intervention

From: Community-based implementation and effectiveness in a randomized trial of a risk reduction intervention for HIV-serodiscordant couples: study protocol

Sessions Core elements
Sessions Principles
1. ‘Preparing for the Journey’ (Group Session) Gender, Ethnic, and Cultural Pride
2. ‘Enhancing Couple Communication’ (Couple session) The Talk and Listen Technique
Triggers to Risky Behavior
Learn to Problem Solve with ‘FENCE’
Identifying Sexual Abuse
3. ‘Tools for the Journey’ (Couple session) Condom Use
4. ‘Sharing the Load’ (Couple session) Gender, Ethnic, and Cultural Pride as Couples
5. ‘It Takes a Village’ (Group session) Reframing Difficult Situations
6. ‘Strengthening the Village’ (Group session) Self Talk and Relapse Prevention
7. ‘Expanding the Village’ (Group session) Networking with others and sexual communication with partners
8. ‘Celebrating our Relationship’ (Couple session) A review of Nguzo Saba principles of unity and rededication to protecting each other